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New Image International Found 38 Years ago in New Zealand
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Is an online store dedicated to promoting and sell the New Image™ Alpha Lipid™ product range. We believe strongly in this amazing product range and the many health benefits it delivers. 

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New Image™ Alpha Lipid™

Was founded 36 years ago in New Zealand by Graeme Clegg, founder, and Chairman of New Image™ International, who started out as a sheep farmer in Masterton.

It was on his farm that Graeme developed his groundbreaking ideas about health supplements and in 1984 decided to act on his research into the incredible health benefits of colostrum, nature’s first food.

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Graeme expanded scientific research and created the unique Alpha Lipid™ technology, which helps the body absorb all the goodness colostrum has to offer.

Our focus on innovation and drive to deliver the best health and nutritional products have resulted in International multiple awards and positioned us as an industry leader.

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Alpha Lipid Colostrum



Ive been using this product almost 8 months now and it did helps a lot during the time I got miscarriage and recovered that fast! Amazing product!

Patricia Warren


Alpha Lipid™Colostrum actually appears to do something. In the past when I was run down and wasn't getting enough sleep, invariably I would come down with a cold. Not now. It is really nothing short of amazing.

Lisa Bane


I ran across the Alpha Lipid™ Colostrum by accident - I was actually looking for something to boost my immune system  After taking it for awhile I noticed that my energy levels have improved and overall it made me feel better. I will keep on taking this.

Paul Griffiths

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